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DSF - The SoFi Blockchain

Redefine Social Network with Blockchain

DSF blockchain is a decentralized social financial network. It has a social platform based on the blockchain identity. The social relationship data of all social platforms are uploaded to the chain, and decentralized financial wallets are linked through smart contracts to realize a blockchain world restructured based on real-life social relationships.

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DeChat – The decentralized social network

Based on Bat Messenger's relatively complete social network APP, the DSF team remake the next generation of DSF decentralized social networks based on smart contracts and digital currency community features.


DeChat – The decentralized social network

DeChat, the carrier of DFS decentralized social financial network, is one of the best in the encrypted social rankings. In addition to having basic chat attributes such as WeChat, telegram, Whatsapp, it has unique end-to-end encryption, two-way withdrawal, burning after reading, and undoing functions.

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DSF Token

DSF Token is an ERC 20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. The token provides a simple, automatic, and economic way based on the blockchain, rewarding users to develop social relationships, and rewarding users according to the social graph when blockchain financial services occur. The existence of the DSF Token economic system allows the entire DSF blockchain to develop in a self-circulating and self-expanding manner, which is representative of the value of the entire system.

The initial supply of DSF tokens is 1000,000,000 (1 billion), which is increasing with the use of social networks and blockchain social network finance.